Mari Lyn has been teaching audition techniques, career preparation, marketing strategies, and impression management in workshops and seminars for over thirty five years. Drama majors in theatre departments at universities across the country, actors in regional markets and actors in training have been educated about the realities of the professional marketplace.

She has offered sound career advice to actors of all ages in areas of visual presence, creation of promotional tools, and one-on-one in depth personal attention to their unique needs as CEOs of their own businesses.

Her seminars on the "business of the business" have been well-received from Anchorage, Alaska, to Atlanta; from Providence to Portland, Oregon. And in between stints at British American Drama Academy at Oxford and the Australian Institute of Performing Arts in Sydney, the Mountview School in London and industry-sponsored classes in Toronto.

Workshops can be three hours or a weekend for small groups. Participants will achieve more career focus and discover the most effective methods of self promotion.

Other areas include private coaching for monologues, script analysis, cold reading techniques and ways to energize the imagination.


"Our students very much enjoy their classes with Mari Lyn and find the information they absorb to be most useful in preparing to pursue a career. Her working experience in the profession lends tremendous credibility to all that she has to share with our students."

-- E. Colin O'Leary, Theatre School Director,
Circle in the Square, NYC

"Our meeting was so useful for me to get a better idea of areas to improve on and to hear the correct information on many 'industry myths'. The session was beyond informative and I have my work cut out for me."

-- Vanna Pilgrim, actress, NYC


"We are truly fortunate to have had the benefit of your workshop. Your approach to a very difficult and sometimes elusive subject is down-to-earth, based in real experience and seasoned with your candor and caring.”

-- Sandy De Longa, actress, Atlanta


"Thank you for your consultation session. I've taken solid steps to further my professional haircut, and I have begun to acquire a 'spice-colored' wardrobe. After meeting with you, I feel empowered and emboldened.”

-- Lillian Isabella, actress, NYC

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