p.12  Replace Four Seasons with Waldorf-Astoria
p.12  The website for NYC & Company is
p.12  "Rent" The same-size studio can cost $2,500 a month in Manhattan
p.18  "Utilities" Electricity/gas will cost $180 to $250 per two-month period
p.20  "By Car" is the web-site of the Automobile Association of America. The annual fee is $58.
p.22  "By Bus and Subway" The current fare is $2.25 per ride
p.23 "By Taxi" The fare currently starts at $3.00.
p.27 "Entertainment," Theatre Development Fund ( costs $30 per year 520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 801, New York, NY 10018.
p.28 The Donnell Library on West 53rd Street no longer exists. The SAG Film Society annual membership fee is now $110.
p.35 "Proper Identification" The cost of a U S Passport is now $75 for 10 years.
p. 45 "A Healthy Complexion": Web site for Dr. Perricone is now
p. 46 "Tattoos": Disappear can be puchased at
p. 60 domain name is for sale.
p. 62 "Know Your Shape, Show Your Shape": is currently under construction. is for sale. Go to
p. 66 "Choosing the Right Photographer": Back Stage East and Back Stage West merged and the trade paper is now known as Back Stage which includes information about both coasts.
p. 83 Access for new information regarding its services including Internet clips.
p. 85 "Players Directory": Online Players Directory (eBook) through Always check these sites for updated fee information per listing.
p. 87 "Trade Papers and Other Print Resources": See Page 66 for update on the merged Back Stage.
p. 88 The Hollywood Edition of the Agencies: What the Actor Needs to Know is no longer published. The Right Keith Wolfe lists all of the Hollywood Agents. It is published by Silver Screen Directories, Silver Screen Publishing, 1438 N. Gower St., #39 Hollywood, CA 90028 and can be ordered through Samuel French, west coast. Casting Director Guide is no longer published but the updated listings can be found at
p. 111 "The Importance of Classical Training": Malcolm Morrison is no longer the Dean at the Hartt School. He is a member of the acting faculty.
p. 112 "Training Programs for Actors": College Theatre Directory from the Educational Theatre Association known also as the annual Dramatics College Theatre Directory lists more than 300 college, university, and conservatory theatre programs. For more information, visit
p. 117 Web address for the Actors Center is
p. 119 Rob Decina is now the former casting director of Guiding Light. The show was cancelled. His Web site is He is currently casting pilots in NYC for ABC Family.
p. 122 The quote that begins "I find in today's world..." and ends on the top of Page 123 with "insurmountable odds." is by acting teacher and author Alice Spivak.
p. 124 Terry Schreiber's Web site is:
p. 132 The new Internet address for Circle in the Square Theatre School is:
p. 166 "Actor-Friendly Web Sites": is a site "under construction". Deborah Corbin is not active at this time.
p. 168 Actor Patrick Boll is currently playing a leading role on Broadway in Mamma Mia!
p. 171-174 Breakdown Services: Actors Access, Extras Access, Performance Video, Show Fax have improved and are always being updated. Media Bank can store your performance video, voice-over demo, scene slate, hosting slate and actor slate. For more information go to
p. 175 Jane Alderman has decided to leave casting and concentrate on her teaching and acting careers. She was featured in Superior Donuts which travelled from the Steppenwolf Theatre to Broadway in 2009.
p. 180 "What Kind of Job Should You Want?": The operative term these days is Skill Set. Make a list of your abilities, your passions.
p. 184 "On Your Own": Capable assistants are needed throughout the industry - expert at handling details, creating order out of chaos, they can be proofreaders, translators, make-up artists, may answer fan mail, search for props, return samples, interview writers, plan events, walk the clients' dog or serve as cat-sitters – all the while learning The Business from the inside, building their own reputation, earning praise and respect from casting directors, agents, stage managers, press agents, as well as theatre, film and network executives.
p. 187 "The Actors' Fund of America": The Actors' Work Program is open to any member of an entertainment industry union, or anyone who is getting assistance from the Actors' Fund. For information on programs and activities of the Actors' Fund, visit the Web site at

SAG, AFTRA Approve Historic Merger

Friday, March 30, 2012

p. 201 "Addressing Issues": A little more than a year ago, AFTRA's top elected officers submitted an open letter to the membership in the Spring issue of AFTRA Magazine, calling for ideas about "A New Union for A New World." Member response was enthusiastic. Many saw an AFTRA-SAG merger as the ideal solution. Conversation at AFTRA committee meetings nation-wide soon focused on how the world has changed and what strategies a combined successor union should pursue to secure the future for today's members and those who will follow them. SAG members who were also AFTRAns attended as well. A Presidents Forum Advisory Council, led by AFTRA President Roberta Reardon and SAG President Ken Howard, was soon created, its task to assemble a diversified advisory council, which would study every facet of the industry. The information gathered would be dispersed - to representatives of particular niches – running the gamut of experience, age, and so forth -- thereby gathering opinions and ideas from the general membership, and laying the groundwork for the creation of NOT a merged union, but something new. New York local president Holter Graham sees it as "a hybrid improvement, on both our unions that will protect and serve performers across the media landscape." The latest news is that the work is almost done Union members will cast their votes some time in 2012. The organization to vote for or against is ONE UNION. Questions? Email
p. 220 "To Join The Mainstream": The Non-Traditional Casting Project has been renamed. It is now known as Alliance For Inclusion in the Arts. Executive Director Sharon Jensen received a special Tony Award for advocating inclusion in the entertainment industry in 2011. For more information visit:
p. 222 Brother Rick Curry, S.J. was ordained and became Father Rick Curry, S.J. Born without a right arm, he was given permission from the Vatican to celebrate Mass with only one hand. He now resides with the Jesuit community at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He is still involved with the Wounded Warriors program which he initiated at the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped. Jason Matthews is the Admissions Coordinator. For more information visit
p. 223 Theater By The Blind is now known as Theater Breaking Through Barriers.
p. 227 Irene Lewis is no longer the artistic director of CENTERSTAGE in Baltimore. British playwright Kwame Kwei-Armah was named the successor in February, 2011.
p. 230 The Web site, is now called where you can find the Chicago Film Office.
p. 233 "Theater Groups": The House Theatre ( celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011.
p. 238 New Web site address for the Ilinois Theatre Association:
p. 242 New address for True Colors Theatre is
p. 243 New address for The Theatre League of South Florida is
p. 245 Washington Theater in Review is no longer published. For information about theatre activities in Washington D.C., visit
p. 250 The Web site is now "domain for sale." Contact Mike Lemon Casting at 215-413-7150 for futher information.
p. 277

Ross Reports Television is now known as Call Sheet.

p. 286 "Smart Choices for Monologues and Scenes": is not on the Web.
p. 288 Rob Ruggiero recently directed Looped on Broadway starring Valerie Harper who received a Tony nomination in 2011. He still is connected to TheaterWorks in Hartford.
p. 293 "Auditioning For the Soap Opera": Mary Clay Boland, former casting director of As The World Turns, is now an independent casting diretor. As The World Turns was cancelled. The Ross Reports is now called Call Sheet.


Soap Operas began on the radio in the 1930s and in the 1950s some of those which were successful on radio began a journey on live television. At first many of them were no more than 15 minutes gradually expanding to 30 minutes and then the hour form in the 1970s. The half hour remains for The Bold and Beautiful (CBS).

No one could foresee that reality television, cable competition and viewer erosion would endanger the future of the soap opera. I was very fortunate to launch the in house casting department at ABC/NY for daytime dramas in 1978. In those days 30 million people were glued to their favorite soaps. Today only one to three million people are viewing or taping them for later catchup.

The audition skills needed for a soap opera audition are basically the same techniques needed for all types of dramatic and comedic material. Co-author Lynne Rogers worked as a contract player on Guiding Light for several years and is articulate about how hard the work was every day on the set. Memorizing 20 pages of dialogue a day is commonplace along with the necessity of discipline, focus and continual training. Before next year All My Children and One Life To Live will no longer be aired. Our hope is that perhaps the "soap" legacy will be reborn on the Internet and find a whole new audience.

Mari Lyn Henry

p. 331 "Initial Concerns": Lola Love is no longer a talent manager. She is now a coach and teacher.
p. 335 The Web site for the Children's Musical Theatre of San Jose is:
p. 348 Gina Mantegna is now known professionally as Gia Mantegna.
p. 355-410 We will be forever grateful for the wisdom of the late Lynn Redgrave. She gave us inspirational insights into the creation of the memorable characters she played. Her advice about finding the right shoes and the choice of the music that "meant something to her for the character" were such valuable contributions for the 5th edition. She was a brave, generous, deeply admired and loved working actor. She is indeed a role model for all of us and we are fortunate that she left us such a rich film legacy. When she was contacted to write a quote for the 3rd edition she responded with this response: "I must be going senile... but....did I ever send you the cover quote for your excellent book 'How To Be A Working Actor'? If 'yes', hooray, if 'no', please could you let me know and, if it's not too late, I'll be glad to oblige." Although we didn't get the quote, we always felt this note would suffice.