HOW TO BE A WORKING ACTOR is a thought provoking, inspiring, and no-nonsense practical guide to pursuing a professional acting career. You've had your training; you're ready to work. Mari Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers give you the insider's approach to understanding the business of acting—marketing yourself, showcasing yourself, and auditioning for all markets. This is an essential up-to-date handbook for transitioning from studio training to working as an actor. I recommend it to all our acting students.”

Lucien Douglas, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Acting The University of Texas at Austin


“What a wonderful book to guide you into---and more importantly—out of the theatrical jungle. Tuck it under your arm and set off purposefully on your journey. Bon Voyage!”

—Rosemary Harris, Celebrated stage and screen actress


How To Be A Working Actor is one of the most comprehensive books on show business I've ever read. I found it informative, entertaining, and I would highly recommend it as an addition to any actor's library.”

Joe Mantegna, Tony award-winning actor. Director and lead actor, Criminal Minds, CBS-TV  


How To Be A Working Actor is a fantastic resource for Australian actors who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding into the U.S. market. This book is a 'must read' for all actors who are serious about their craft.”

—Marg Haynes, Director, Australian and U.S. Talent Development Programme; CEO,The Australian Institute for the Performing Arts (AIPA), Sydney


“If I were to label one book a 'must read' for anyone aspiring to a successful career in the acting business, it's How To Be A Working Actor. A survival kit for veteran or neophyte, this brilliantly researched book is a treasure trove of useful information, tips on career management, and informed guidance for the professional actor. The authors deserve a standing ovation. Bravo!”

Darryl Hickman, actor, writer, producer, director, author “The Unconscious Actor: Out of Control, In Full Command.”



How To Be A Working Actor is insightful and honest and prepares would- be actors with a practical approach that strips away the glamour and reveals the realities of the entertainment industry. I have used it as the entry bible for any budding student wishing to return to or move from Australia or london into the Big Apple and beyond.”

Nigel Rideout, founding head of Theatre, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Perth WA
Also author, Training the Speaking Voice
Former students: Hugh Jackman, Dominic Purcell, Frances O'Connor



“It would be a mistake for any actor who is serious about making a life in the theatre, not to read How To Be A Working Actor.”

Cameron Jackson, School of Theatre, Florida State University


“I recommend this book to my students because it is overflowing with great ideas that empower aspiring actors to take charge of their own careers.”

—Kevin Marshall, former head, School of Theatre and Dance University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


“A classic! The very best book there is about how to be an actor who gets jobs and not a wanna-be. Full of juicy trade secrets and life wisdom from two much-admired show biz insiders.”

—Ron Marasco, Ph.D, author, Notes to An Actor Chair of Theatre, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles


“If you have New York or Los Angeles on your mind, you owe it to yourself to buy How To Be A Working Actor and to pay attention. The book contains advice on just about every aspect of an acting career, covering not only the obvious topics of photographs and agents and managers and casting directors, but also where to live, how to get around, how to dress, understanding unions, finding a good acting class and on and on and on.”

—Ed Hooks, Teacher, Coach, Actor. Author, The Ultimate Scene & Monologue Sourcebook


“Mari Lyn Henry has worn many hats in the entertainment industry and draws on her years of experience as a highly regarded professional. She has been on the front lines of casting as well as actor management. She is able to impart her knowledge in clear practical terms. How To Be A Working Actor is a must read for all serious actors who wish to gain the marketing skills to achieve success.”

Howard Fine, Acting Studio, Los Angeles Author, Fine on Acting, A Vision of the Craft. 2009



“Every chapter of this wonderful book features top industry professionals explaining the do's and don't's all actors need to know. The authors have written a detailed and thorough guide that will help actors get, keep getting, that most valued commodity in show business—work.”

Ken Womble, Assistant Professor of Theatre University of Northern Colorado



“Since 1986, How To Be A Working Actor has been the seminal guide for success in show business, offering advice both practical and inspirational. Every actor should own a copy. I have three.”

Yvonne Perry, actress and educator, “Audition Techniques and The Business of the Biz”, SUNY Albany



How To Be A Working Actor is recommended reading for all of my students! I'm always happy to have it on my syllabus for the Preparation for the Profession class and even happier to hear when students come to thank me for suggesting it.”

Jonathan Flom, Musical Theatre Program Coordinator, Shenandoah Conservatory Author, Act Like It's Your Business & Get the Callback



“This book is a treasure chest of information, a legendary publication in the industry and a must in every actor's arsenal and tool box. This informative and excellent guide from savvy industry professionals outlines the process of what and what not to do with expert guidance and clarifiction on how to book and keep booking. A practical step-by-step journey that every actor takes in pursuit of their dream to become a working actor!”

Janice Orlandi, Artistic Director, Actors Movement Studio NYC



How To Be A Working Actor is one of the best tools of the trade for actors and teachers in professional studios. I have been referencing this book and suggesting it to my students in my audition and business of acting classes for 15 years. Congrats on the 30 year anniversary!

Lorca Peress, Theatre Director, Teacher, Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute and NYU-Strasberg Studio



“This invaluable book will help any actor or recently graduated student avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls. The authors' practical advice and industry know-how will get you started on a successful career and set you apart from the rest. There's a “can-do” spirit in these pages that will serve you well, if you take their advice. Ready, set, go!”

Tracey Moore, Associate Professor, The Hartt School University of Hartford, Hartford, CT



“Mari Lyn is a force of nature who cares passionately about her work with actors. Her deep love of this craft and its history, combined with her extensive experience in the business makes How To Be A Working Actor a must read for anyone considering or pursuing an acting career!”

Emily Moulton, Executive Director, Tom Todoroff Studio, New York City